Cruise Terminal

Water Taxi Venice Cruise Terminal

The cruise port of Venice is one of the best homeports in the world thanks to its strategic location a short distance from the main arteries of communication (rail and road) and the city center. Indeed, the easiest and most comfortable way to reach the cruise ship check in and boarding areas is to book one of our private water taxi services.

The port of Venice

Cruise Terminal

With our water taxis we are able to reach quickly and from any point of the city, both the Venice Passenger Terminal (VTP) and the cruises terminal of San Basilio. Inside the port you will also find our desk service where, once you get off the ship, you can easily book your water taxi.

Our water taxis

Standard Motorboats
These are our fiberglass water taxis, characterized by the typical white color, with a simple and functional line, equipped with comfortable seats and all the required safety standards.
Luxury Sport
Motorboats that while maintaining a sporty line, are characterized by the wooden deck that gives it an extra touch of elegance. In addition, the interiors are more luxurious and comfortable.
The Luxury water taxi is a motorboat completely made of wood with luxurious interiors and design, leather seats, minibar and all the best comforts to ensure maximum satisfaction for even the most demanding customers.
Disabled transport
Always caring about the needs of each customer, we have motorboats equipped with hydraulic lifting platform. We guarantee a transport service for people with disabilities in total safety and comfort.