Penzo Stadium

Water Taxi Venice Stadium

With Venezia Taxi, you can also easily reach the home stadium of Venezia FC. The Stadium is located on St. Elena island, close to the headquarters of the Venice Biennale. It is dedicated to the memory of the aviator Pier Luigi Penzo and is the second oldest stadium in Italy after the Luigi Ferraris Stadium in Genoa.

pier luigi penzo

The stadium of Venezia FC

Using our water taxi service you will avoid the long queues to get there by public transport and save time by arriving straight at the Stadium from any terminal (Airport, Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto, Santa Lucia Station) or point in the city.

Our water taxis

Standard Motorboats
These are our fiberglass water taxis, characterized by the typical white color, with a simple and functional line, equipped with comfortable seats and all the required safety standards.
Luxury Sport
Water taxis with a more superior line. Being half wooden they provide a touch of elegance. The interiors are more luxurious than a standard taxi.
The luxury water taxis are completely wooden and the interior is of a high standard , leather seating, some with a fridge. A high standard to satisfy even the most demanding guest.
Disabled transport
Always caring about the needs of each customer, we have motorboats equipped with hydraulic lifting platform. We guarantee a transport service for people with disabilities in total safety and comfort.